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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Venice Queens // Sister Morphine

Photos: Carly Brown
Sister Morphine Tee: Sugar High Love Stoned // Shoes: Reef // Board: Satta // Jewels: Lakota | Lotus + Lime | Bahgsu Jewels

After an amazing trip in Hawaii, I was stoked to be back in Southern California. There's just something about that place that gets me excited about life -- revved up and ready for adventure. This time around, I was lucky enough to cross paths with one of my favorite humans, Australian photographer Carly Brown in Venice Beach. A few hours after landing, Carly messaged me that she was down at the local pub having some sunset drinks so I decided to cruise over. I had just scored the sickest little skatey from London's own Joe Lauder of Satta Skateboards and figured what better place to break her in then on legendary skateboarding grounds. As the sun set, we had a skate, some damn good spicy bloody mary's and a lot of laughs. No matter where we are in the world, Carly and I always manage to have a good time. And in Venice, it comes with the territory.


  1. Love Venice! And your board is adorable ;)

    Peace & Love

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