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Monday, July 4, 2016

The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast -- There's a reason this stretch of pristine beaches on the East coast of Australia is named as such. When my dear friend Anna rang from California, eager to hop on a plane, I was ecstatic at the chance to show her not only my backyard of Byron Bay, but all the killer breaks and adventures for 80+ km north.
A week later, I found myself hitting the road, sandwiched between the lovely Anna and our talented Aussie mate Nick Green, exploring autumn days of perfection and capturing what we could of its golden essence. Camping in the van, waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise, chasing waves and hiking sacred rainforest kept us smiling for days. Exploring familiar territory with new eyes was enlightening and refreshing as I hosted Anna's first proper trip to Australialand.
Anna and I are both as we call it "vegan-ish" (vegetarians who eat eggs from time to time), so it was essential that we have with us the perfect after-surf snack that suited our lifestyle. Blue Dinosaur bars are my go-to for road trip snacking and we made sure to have plenty along for the ride.
Photos: Nick Green