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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Supercharge Your Health // Green Juice Detox

It's Australian Fitness Week and as such, I've been challenged by Fitness First Australia to supercharge my health and wellness. I couldn't be more excited since I've been wanting this juicer for a while now, and finally I have an excuse to splurge! I figured a good, clean detox would be the PERFECT kickstart to a supercharged week of health and fitness. Feel free to try out my recipe although I always feel its best to experiment and modify according to your personal tastes/preferences.

Step 1: IT ALL STARTS WITH WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM. We are what we eat. It's as simple as that. The more knowledgable you can be about the source of your food including soil and pest control treatment the better. The more localized the better. The more in season the better. If you have a local grocery or farmer's market accessible to you, utilize it! It's a simple way to support your community, local agriculture, and feed yourself and family with the highest quality food available. I'm so incredibly spoiled to have a local market, adorably dubbed Baz and Shaz, with a huge organic section just walking distance from my house. Food shopping should be a delight, a full sensory experience that triggers sentiments of joy, not burden. Find somewhere that you feel the quality of product matches your excitement level to consume it. And make sure to buy organic veggies when you can, but especially for the ingredients in this juice: 

3 Green Apples
4 Leaves of Kale
Handful of Spinach
4 Stalks of Celery
1 Cucumber
1 Carrot
1 Big Nub of Ginger
1 Kiwi
Handful of Mint
1 Lemon
1 Lime

(Makes about 2-3 Mason Jars of Juice)

Step 2: PREP. The beautiful thing about a high quality juicer is that it makes this step very short. No chopping, no dicing, no manual labor. The only prep I did really was to pick the mint leaves off the stems and peel the lemons and limes as they can be harsh on the digestive system (although you can leave them on if you wish). 

Step 3: JUICE! Put all your tasty ingredients in and watch it turn to liquid gold! This juice is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals and is incredibly detoxifying as it cleans out the red blood cells, essentially cleaning the blood. I basically took my favorite green juice recipe and added a few extras (kiwi, mint, carrot) for flavor. Feel free to do the same! Make it your own. I will be cleansing for about 1-2 days to start, based on my realistic schedule of commitments. But that's still plenty of time to refresh, cleanse, and supercharge!

What's your favorite detox?


Fitness First Australia is going big in celebration of Fitness Week! Check out what they've got on:

Kicking off on April 7th, Australian Fitness Week is a weeklong line-up of fitness themed activities and events across all Fitness First clubs Australia wide. We want everyone to get involved and see where fitness can take them, so our doors are swinging open to members of the public, completely free of charge.

Free entry all week! Get your free Australian Fitness Week 7 day pass now and we’ll see you in club on April 7th.

Flinders Street, Gym Opening in Melbourne CBD – new $7m club 
This brand new club is located across the road from Flinders St Station in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Sydney – 13th April 2014 – Royal Botanical Gardens, NSW
Gold Coast - 3rd May 2014 - Douglas Jennings Reserve, QLD

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