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Monday, March 16, 2015

"The Kit" // Kassia Meador, Summer Bummer, EiR NYC & AllSwell Collab

Brought together by a love of surf, sea and all things creative, the ladies behind KASSIA, Summer Bummer, EiR NYC, and AllSwell  have joined forces to create “The Kit”, a zippered neoprene pouch filled with essential items perfectly suited for your next beachy adventure.

Hailing from both the West and East coasts, California surfer and artist Kassia Meador (KASSIA), LA-based designer Alexandra Cassaniti (Summer Bummer), Brooklyn based natural skincare expert Jun Lee (EiR NYC), and founder of bi-coastal creative agency Left Left Right Laura Rubin (AllSwell) are all surfers who share an entrepreneurial spirit, with a mutual love of expressing themselves both on the waves and on paper.

What's in "The Kit?"
  • EiR Surf Mud Pro Stick SPF 50 -- The pro version of EiR’s popular Surf Mud, providing a higher level of sun protection, packaged in a big stick for quick application and longer lasting sessions. Environmentally friendly, all-natural and chemical-free, it was inspired by the Mayan chocolate mask, containing zinc for UV sun protection, chocolate for deep hydration and antioxidants that fight free radicals. Its limited edition packaging features Kassia’s photography.
  • Triangular bar of KASSIA wax -- For those looking to reset ahead of a long surf session, Kassia’s “magic surf wax” is infused with Palo Santo, a tree burned in ceremonies by Shaman and medicine people known for its cleansing and healing properties. Good ju-ju for your board.  
  • Customized AllSwell notebook -- Whether your passion is finding the perfect wave or the perfect word, the journal, half lined (WRITE) and half unlined (DRAW) is awaiting your beachy brilliance. Designed to inspire creativity, it's perfect for writing, sketching, scribbling, making lists and daydreaming. This collaboration edition features Kassia’s photography on the exterior and illustrations on the interior covers of products and pieces from each lady’s collections, as well as items that lend themselves to a full day deployment at the beach: swim fins, a ukelele, an old-school Igloo-style cooler, a cold bottle of Bud, etc.  
  • Summer Bummer Pouch -- All this goodness is tucked inside a 10 x 11 custom Summer Bummer zip pouch made from space-dyed neoprene, using a print taken from KASSIA’s new wetsuit line. Resilient to water, made in California and featuring Summer Bummer’s signature oversized zipper, the pouch is perfect to use either as a clutch or a bag within your bag.

Charitably conscious and locally sourced, The Kit retails for $195 with 10% of the proceeds benefiting non-profit Waves For Water, working on the front-line to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. Limited sales are available in-store on the East Coast at Warm (in New York’s Nolita) and on the West Coast at The General Store (Venice, Los Angeles).

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4 Wheels . 2 Souls . 1 Fin // Amuse Society in NZ

photos: Carly Brown

All Pieces by Amuse Society

It all started with a dream -- a dream of a ladies road trip through unfamiliar lands. Carly had been booked for work in New Zealand for months, but it wasn't until two weeks before she left that I decided to jump on board and take part in the adventure. Neither of us had been to NZ, and so at the end of November 2014, Carly and I embarked on a voyage through the North Island in search of simplicity, serendipity, and of course...swell. We called our journey: 

4 Wheels . 2 Souls. 1 Fin  

We booked a 1969 VW bus and for two weeks we traveled with the beautiful blue "Mystery Machine" as our sanctuary -- her welded cheeks and bright, beady eyes ripe for a good time. She was the epitome of possibility; the tour guide, the prophet. She would lead us into the most beautiful crevasses of lush countryside we had ever seen. We ate, slept, and explored in full Vanlife fashion, never even thinking to book a hotel or venture away from the road. From Shipwrecks Bay to Mount Maunganui, to Raglan back up to Whangamatta, we chased the most beautiful, jade hued wavelets a girl could dream of, thriving in the mobility and freedom our kombi home had to offer. 

It was then that I realized what an epic packer I have become! With life on the road, minimalism is a must and versatility is key. My Amuse Society pieces became standard attire, a uniform of sorts as their functional fit never sacrifices style. Effortless yet edgy, Amuse is the type of label a traveling minx like me lives in...and makes me feel sexy even if I haven't showered in days ;)

I am beyond stoked to be the newest ambassador of the Amuse Society clan, a group of women who, with their hyphenated titles and limitless aspirations, reject conformity and pave their own path of living, who uniquely identify with their femininity, and ooze effortless style and creativity. #BEACHVIDABLING baby!

Make sure to get your hands on Foam Symmetry Mag Volume 4 Issue 2 to see these and more of Carly's shots + the full story from NZ in print!

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