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Friday, May 30, 2014

Wabi Sabi + Bali Perspective

Wabi Sabi ::: The Japanese Art of Finding Beauty in the Imperfect

It's happening…right now…as I write these words. The constant strive for perfection. The aim for flawless articulation, for accurate grammar and punctuation, for a writing achievement worthy of your time and attention. Sometimes our standards for perfection are so high that it paralyzes us from even attempting something of which we may not succeed. Self acceptance is a lifelong journey, one that is difficult when born with a strong sense of accomplishment. One can always do better, but it's about accepting and believing that your best is always enough. I find it's a constant balancing act of loving where you're at right now in the process, and seeing your own potential and having the tenacity to make your dreams a reality.

Regardless of this constant inner debate I find, as humans, we are consistently captivated by imperfection in an artful sense. Textured walls, worn down doors, visible brush strokes, hand drawn lettering and work with wear… Why do we not have the same level of love and adoration for our personality traits that we do for funky, visual quirks? We deserve to fully embrace the beauty of our own shortcomings as we do the perfectly imperfect inspiration that floods our visuals daily.

I have found Bali to be a place throughout my travels that I approach with a Wabi Sabi point of view.
Crowded, yes. Flawed, of course. But there is a certain spirit that is embodied in the land and is echoed through the people that breathes life and beauty into these imperfections. Scattered offerings, distress of ancient building, breaks in the woven pattern of natural vs. manmade -- 
Let's not only love our imperfections, let's be inspired by them.
As a wise woman once told me... we shall strive for progress, not perfection.


{ All photos and illustrations by Lex Weinstein }

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Is First Base

photos: Carly Brown
 Bralette + Singlet / First Base
Enjoy the sneak peak from First Base's Spring Range THREE available mid July xx

. . . . . . .

This is the female form,
A divine nimbus exhales from it from head to foot,
It attracts with fierce undeniable attraction,
I am drawn by its b r e a t h as if I were no more than a helpless vapor, all falls aside but myself and it,
Books, art, religion, time, the visible and solid earth, and what was expected of heaven or fear’d of hell, are now consumed,

Mad filaments, ungovernable shoots play out of it, the response likewise ungovernable,
Hair, bosom, hips, bend of legs, negligent falling hands all diffused, mine too diffused,
Ebb stung by the flow and flow stung by the ebb, love-flesh swelling and deliciously aching,
Limitless limpid jets of love hot and enormous, quivering jelly of love, white-blow and delirious juice,
Bridegroom night of love working surely and softly into the prostrate dawn,
Undulating into the willing and yielding day,
Lost in the cleave of the clasping and sweet-flesh’d day.

. . . . . . .

This the nucleus—after the child is born of woman, man is born of woman,
This the bath of birth, this the merge of small and large, and the outlet again.

Be not ashamed women, your privilege encloses the rest, and is the exit of the rest,
You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the S O U L.

The female contains all qualities and tempers them,
She is in her place and moves with perfect balance,
She is all things duly veil’d, she is both passive and active,
She is to conceive daughters as well as sons, and sons as well as daughters.

As I see my soul reflected in Nature,
As I see through a mist, One with inexpressible completeness, sanity, beauty,
See the bent head and arms folded over the breast, 
the Female I see.

. . . . . . .

From I Sing The Body Electric by Whalt Whitman

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Only Beau For Me.

Photos: Carly Brown

What I'm Wearing ///

Top | Rue Stiic

It's been a while -- I've had so much going on, the last few weeks feel like a whirlwind. Crazy busy but good busy, creative projects all over the place, styling shoots and road tripping up north to Noosa to hang and surf has left me no time to blog. So make sure you follow me on Instagram for the latest on my day to day adventures.

When I arrived home to a package from Boundary Lane I was beyond stoked. AG / Adriano Goldschmied is one of my favorite denim labels. Obsessed with the vintage wash and ripped detail, the 90's inspo was really flowing today. 

Back at it for now..So excited to share with you all what's to come over the next few weeks!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rhythm x Lex Weinstein


What I'm Wearing ///
Knit | Rhythm 
Denim | Rhythm
Intimates | Isla Collective
Jewels | Celeste Twikler 
(Goddess and Ecem Bracelets)
Sandals | Reef 
Sunnies | Urban Outfitters

NEW!! >>> lexweinstein.com

Times they are a changin'...

It's time to say goodbye to Gypsea Love and hello to Lex Weinstein, a natural progression for myself and my brand that is long overdue. By using my name I feel this will give you, the reader, a more personal and accurate portrayal of the blog, my aesthetic, inspiration, and overall message. No need to hide behind a pseudonym, it's time to peel back the layers and just be me :)

Changes are as follows:

Blog: lexweinstein.com
Instagram:  instagram.com/lexweinstein_ 
Facebook: facebook.com/lex.weinstein
Pinterest: pinterest.com/lexweinstein
Twitter: twitter.com/lexweinstein_

This announcement falls in perfect timing as I join the Rhythm and Friends Family, a collaboration I'm really excited for.  From chunky knits to wool fedoras to the perfect skinny jeans, Rhythm Girls has a surf inspired range that I can't get enough of. 

Shop the entire collection at RhythmLivin.com