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Friday, July 7, 2017

Someday's Lovin' x Nisolo Shoes

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Somedays you just want to love yourself more than anyone else.
You want to be selfish and secluded,
Spoiled with decadent treats, cute outfits and sunset cocktails.
Somedays you want to just forget about all the dire current affairs, call in sick and
and skinny dip, and sing at the top of your lungs, and laugh until your cheeks hurt.
Somedays you might just want to feel free to give yourself all that love and attention you give
so many people so much of the time.
And I say somedays, or all days, 
that's just fine.


Just thinking today about L O V E - how much we give away to other people but so often forget to give to ourselves. For me, I love doing both. Giving love to myself first fills the cup for me to be able to pour from in order to help those I love. And even those I don't love, people I don't even know. Because when everything you do comes from a place of love, you don't just have love or give love, you start living love, being love.

Supporting brands that support others is one of my favorite ways of spreading love. Nisolo shoes have a vision where success is based on more than just offering the cheapest price--a direction that not only values exceptional design, but the producer and the planet just as much as the end consumer. Social impact is a priority as they work to support leather artisans around the globe, paying more than fair wages, create healthy working environments, and humbly striving to learn from the craftsman and women who have knowledge spanning decades. Their designs are chic, classic, and insanely comfortable, made to last a lifetime. When I wear them I feel sexy and fun, and connected to the product in a way that's so much more personal. I drool over all their designs as much as their brand ethos! Check out all their beautiful products at Nisolo.com and remember that when you love yourself first, you become love. And that's never a bad thing. <3 p="">