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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Venice Queens Part III // Jamie

Photos: Carly Brown Photography | Skateboard: Satta

OH JAMIE -- sweet, Jamie. One of my oldest friends and of the raddest chicks I know.
It was Carly's last day in Venice and my babein' friend James decided to come down for the weekend. It wasn't the usual sunny California exit that most people wish for. It was foggy, cold, and there was a bite in the air that matched the vibe of the darker side of the city. We decided to embrace the mood and have a bit of a grungey play down at the boardwalk. Jamie's style has this 70's rock, Dark Witch, Americana, Grooviness that I am obsessed with and dubbed her the Queen of Leather and Lace. I'm constantly inspired by her effortless beauty and her knack for scoring amazing vintage.

Where Jamie goes, rock + roll follows. Venice Beach got the memo. It was a sad farewell but adventures with this girl are sure to be on the radar.

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