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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Splendour in the Grass 2013

The colors, the textures the sounds of Splendour in the Grass…so vivid and alive, the buzzing energy could've powered the entire festival! With a young crowd of hopefuls and an insane lineup of bands from around the world, there was no disappointment when it came to musical performance. From the fresher faces of  Cub Scouts and Ms Mr to seasoned festy ensembles like Mumford and Sons and Passion Pit, it was an epic weekend of shows across the board. I was super keen on the exposure to some sick Aussie gems like Boy & Bear, The Rubens, and The Presets, to further my cultural immersion of course.

I admit, I kind of flaked on photographing all the amazing fashionistas tromping around the Splendour site…they were bountiful and dressed to perfection, I cannot lie. But when good live music is involved, I tend to be magnetized to a stage with the same propensity as a frothing grommet to waste high surf! It's undeniable, inexplicable and totally uncontrollable. So..my apologies. I did, however, score some amazing vintage threads including an amazing, hand embossed leather satchel and a ditzy floral print blouse with lacy collar detail. The presence of booths with vintage and/or recycled fabrics was truly impressive and really inspiring. But nothing was more inspiring than the Craft Tent of which I never wanted to leave….ohhhh myy!!! Yes..that is a crochet bicycle my friends. :):):)

The ladies of East of Grey were sweeter than sweet! I recently saw their article feature in Peppermint Mag (one of my absoluteFAVs you must check it out) and was so excited about their booth in the Craft Tent. Encouraging minimal waste and repurposing of fabrics, lead designer Kim Bailey and her helpers aimed to educate and inform Splendour-goers through sewing tutorials and DIY workshops all weekend long. I couldn't help but gush not only over their passion for repurposing, but their Splendour Artist finger puppets made from fabric scraps!! Can you think of anything cuter?! I literally cannot. Well done ladies, power to the people! xx

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