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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


photog: Aaron Feaver {http://feaverishphotography.com}
model: Shannon Roxanne {@darkshannon}
styled by: Chloe Chippendale of Born to be Wild Blog {@chloe_lovestoner}
hmau: Debbie Gallagher London ≫≫ LA www.debbiegallagher.com

SHOP the collection here ≫≫≫ http://www.sugarhighlovestoned.com/

YESSS!! finally done with all my packing/moving...at home visiting the fam which means I actually have time to absorb and be inspired. Loving the new lookbook for Sugarhigh + Lovestoned. Can't beat a good psychadelic lens flare, jewel toned velvet, and accessories for days. So stoked to be back to blogging and looking forward to all thats ahead. xx

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Photos: Chelsea Erwin
Design Play: Kristina Cancelmi
Bikini/Reef | Shell Jewels/ Puka Kisses


As temperatures increase and daylight hours are prolonged, I am magnetized to the ocean and impatiently await bikini clad summer weather. Puerto Rico was a short but sweet taste and I loved every minute I was able to frolic in my favorite suits. This gorgeous design is one of Reef's spring 2013 pieces that I was drawn to instantly. The sunset color story and painterly print are beautifully eye catching while the bodice structured top is a great fit and unique to my collection. Paired perfectly with the shell jewels by Puka Kisses, the combination of it all sweeps me off into a dreamy state of tropical bliss. These hand crafted, Hawaiian creations are one of a kind, made with love and infused with the energy of two beautiful sisters who find these shells on the gorgeous shores of O'ahu. Whenever I'm feeling low or run down, I stack on bangles and layer necklaces with my favorite bikini and roam the beaches for shells and sea glass. There really is no better cure for a bad mood than to channel your inner Mermaid Goddess. 

I'm excited to have plenty of time to do that during the next few months as I take my Gypsea travels to new heights. I've quit my job, am selling my belongings and hitting the road for a few months with destinations like Tahiti, Bali and Australia on my itinerary. Its time for a change, a BIG change, and I'm ready to explore the possibilities that the Universe has to offer. 

Keep checking back for more surf stories, outfit inspirations, and globe trotting photo journals as I head off on my travels in about 3 weeks!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Ishita Malaviya, India’s first female surfer, is joined by a unique and talented group of women –
Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Lindsey Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. With unshakable determination for a better world they will travel through Southern India documenting the ways in which surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for local people and the Planet.

The saturated hues of India set the scene for this documentary that will touch upon eco-tourism, youth and women’s empowerment, biocentrism and personal growth. They will be integrating these causes with the pursuit of India’s perfect waves, highlighting the undeniable power of surfing to bring joy amongst suffering. Documentary-style interviews with the local Indian community, filmed by award winning cinematographer, Dave Homcy, will capture this rare and inspiring endeavor with the goal of sharing these stories with the global surf community and beyond. Homcy is best know for critically acclaimed work in Sliding Liberia, Surfwise, A Broke Down Melody, El Mar Mi Alma, Come Hell or High Water, One Track Mind, Shelter, and Dear and Yonder.

They intend to bring a spark of hope to the people we meet who face social disparity and suffering, and empower those without voices. All the while, they will discover more about themselves, exchange life experiences and – through the medium of film – inspire others to seek a deeper connection to their fellow humans and to the wonder of nature. Please watch the incredibly inspiring video below and visit their website http://www.beyondthesurfacefilm.com for more information on how to donate towards this amazing adventure.

"Beyond The Surface" A Documentary Film Project from Dave Homcy on Vimeo.

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