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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Someday's Lovin Roadtrip through Portugal feat. Magic Quiver Surf Lodge

Someday's Lovin Like A Melody Dress

Someday's Lovin' Daybreak Slip Dress + Cherry Nights Playsuit + Like A Melody Dress
Someday's Lovin' Cherry Nights Playsuit

Someday's Lovin Burnt Ridge Swim

Someday's Lovin' Daybreak Slip Dress
Someday's Lovin' Daybreak Slip Dress

Woven Palm Slides / Wild Moon Collection Vintage Denim

Someday's Lovin Burnt Ridge Triangle Top
Someday's Lovin Evening Sun Wrap Dress

Gloria Steinam writes in her book titled, My Life On the Road, "I always thought of my road life as temporary, assuming that one day I would grow up and settle down. Now I realized that for me, the road was permanent, and settling down was temporary. Traveling had created my nonroad life, not the other way around."

Reading these words from bed this morning, I couldn't help but resonate deeply as I ignored my half unpacked suitcase strewn across the floor of my childhood bedroom, taunting me from the corner of my eye. My life has become such a constellation of map push pins that even the homebase of a blog has become a foundation from which to push off and explore. Freelance writing, immersive travel and leading retreats have been satiating my endless hunger for the new and exciting, a shameless craving that is as one with me as my wavy hair or my dark brown eyes or my strange sense of humor.

But to return to this digital home is a gift, and to share my experience on the road in Portugal like reliving a dream.

I will never forget the moment I arrived in Ericeira. Having been scooped up from the airport by two local friends, Reny and Miki, and sachéd up the coast, I spent the first hour or two gazing out the window watching Portugal whiz past. As we transitioned from highways to alleyways, it was the details of the architecture that first grasped my attention; cobblestone streets, bright white and blue buildings, intricately painted tiles, Spanish roofing. With the sun shining brightly and the minutes passing quickly, I tried to stay focused on the task at hand: the same priority as always when arriving to a new locale. SURF. 

After many waves shared and surviving my first poler plunge of the season, we ate lunch on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Wine glasses were filled to the brim as smells of fresh seafood wafted all around us. We made plans to explore the coast to find more surf and see the capital of Lisbon, a city rich with culture, art, music and more. I was thrilled to be in this nook of Europe with such rich history and remarkable cultural quirks.

Little did I know my mind was to be blown by our accommodation while stationary. Magic Quiver Surf Lodge is a unique, independently owned dwelling, inspired by the nomadic spirit of a traveler and the great Atlantic, resting along the majestic Portuguese Coast, designed as a beach escape. With a name that says it all, every guest has access to a plethora of hand crafted surfboards shaped all over the globe. From twin fins to quad fins to midlengths and logs, there is no shortage of artisan shapes for every surfer to ride or drool over, whichever you please. (I did both.) Our hosts were warm and welcoming and our rooms the same. Natural light floods in from the windows and terraces, artwork and photography covering the walls, books and magazines stacked on every table. It is a literal surfer's paradise where celebration of our watery pastime is transformed into a reverent, artful experience, curated for the true soul surfer. Breakfast was served every morning with a smile by Jack the Irish nomad, a beginner to the sport and a frother to the fullest. He set the tone as we prepared to explore each day with wide eyes and eager enthusiasm.

The week unfolded with constant surprises. With a suitcase full of Someday's Lovin' there was an adventure for every outfit. Friends from afar Carly and Nick arrived and together we traveled the coast. Witnessing pumping surf in Peniche and desert windstorms in Guincho, we caught the sunrise in Sāo Jāo and sunset in Cascais. We danced to music pouring from the windows, admired street art graffiti, had cocktails on rooftop bars and made friends for a lifetime. 

I can't thank our local friends and comrades at Magic Quiver enough for such a spectacular guide to such a stunning stretch of coastline. It's through these experiences of travel that I realize why I never want to go home -- the authenticity of connection on the road leaves you open and wanting more, seeing every day as a gift, with deeper understanding and a patient observance of what's to come next.


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