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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Conscious Travel feat. The Palmwood Kauai

Dress | Amuse Society


That is the word I would use to describe every aspect of The Palmwood -- a gorgeous, family owned bed and breakfast nestled on a hilltop in the valley of Moloa'a on the island of Kaua'i. I was ecstatic to receive an invitation from Mychael, the manager of The Palmwood, after sharing a super fun surf at Pine Trees a few nights before. His warm welcome and guided tour left me speechless as he pointed out the hand crafted furniture, locally sourced amenities and consciously curated details that make The Palmwood exquisitely unique. Could anything be better than a stay at this tropical paradise? I think not.

The outdoor shower after a surf is nothing short of perfection.

Goooood Morning :)
Synthetic/Chemical free bedding by Parachute Home / Kale Luvr Tank / Amuse Society

Loved this curated corner featuring a chair by eco-friendly Pacific Green Furniture.

The views from the poolside are in the most literal sense -- breathtaking.
Hat | Brixton / Swim + Skirt | Amuse Society

Shadow play in quiet spaces.
Board bag / Sage Brush Bags

Dress / Amuse Society 
At the Palmwood, it's not just about providing a place to stay, it's about creating the ultimate authentic, curated, island experience. Mychael was not just a warm host who showed me to my room, he was the chef whipping up my tasty vegan breakfast, the travel agent creating my adventure itinerary for the day, my surf guide, as well as my teacher in local storytelling, wisdom and respect. He's not scared to tell you to stay away from a local surf spot or to not share pictures of a sacred Hawaiian hike on Instagram. This kind of authenticity is what I crave when traveling abroad and part of me wishes there was a Palmwood in every corner of the world.

Poolside sunset dance.
Hat | Brixton / Top + Skirt | Amuse Society

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This bath defines the word luxury. 

All natural soaps by local Kauai companies Utara and Kauai Kuana Dairy 

Towel + Swim | Amuse Society

It is so important to me to find accommodation that helps immerse me in the community and educate me as a respectful guest. Everything about my time at the Palmwood was aligned with my conscious efforts in travel. I am still dreaming of the fresh local cuisine, rad adventures, and serene sanctuary of this gorgeous homestay.

Mahalo for the memories xx

The Palmwood Kauai

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Friday, December 16, 2016

3 x 3 // A year of disposables

3 countries...3 disposable cameras...
Australia, Mexico, California through the eyes of a van-hopping, star gazing surfista. 
Cheers 2016 for the memories.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Home is Where Alofa Is

 "She knows that "home" is not a physical place in the outside world, but an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance. The stars, the rocks, the trees, the flowers, fish and birds -- all are our brothers and sisters in this dance of life." - Osho

The last year for me has been, in a word: unpredictable. A breakup, surgery, moving out and into a suitcase, traveling to 11 countries, tracing family history, reconnecting with long lost friends...the list goes on.

Living on the road comes with both the highs and the lows, and this year has felt mostly like an attempt to keep my head above water. 

But every time I close my eyes to escape that sinking feeling of instability, to find the solace and security I so desperately seek -- there's only one place I picture. One place who's spirit, who's aura has lingered in my heart since the moment I stepped foot on it's warm, sun drenched soil. One place where home lies within the gaze of it's locals who are eager to connect across cultural barriers, a place where I can breathe deeper and smile wider than any other place on Earth: 

- S A M O A - 

Towel / Abiichi | Swim Zippora

Swim / Rhythm

Invited for Hashtag Travel Society's maiden "Passport Posse" voyage, I joined 5 other women 
for an island immersion in the South Pacific. Our sanctuary abode, Sinalei Reef Resort, took my breath away from the moment we arrived. Boutique bungalows sprawled across acres of lush, tropical, terrain. Sky high palm trees swayed elegantly in the wind. Waterfront spas and sandy stepped villas seamlessly converged nature with structure. There was a peacefulness and a sacred honoring of the land at Sinalei that I had never experienced at a resort before. The warm staff quickly became family and for the first time in a long time, I felt truly at home.  

Towel / Abiichi
There is so much to do in Samoa I don't even know where to begin! Our sensational host (and one of my favorite humans ever) Tess Wilcox took us on countless adventures across the islands. We chased, waterfalls, swam in the Sua Ocean Trench, surfed crystal clear blue water, visited tree house abodes, and explored underground caves. We took the ferry to Western Samoa and drove in the back of a jeep around the entire island, wind blown hair and sunkissed skin leaving us giggling and begging for more. 

Sinalei is a family owned and operated resort, with beaming pride in the Samoan culture and a long history of community contribution. After having the resort demolished in the 2009 tsunami and again after the 2012 cyclone, the family rebuilt the entire resort by hand. They also have helped to rebuild and engage the community by supporting local farms in the food they serve, donating to the local college and hospital, initiating a local arts center, providing community sewing lessons, and establishing a ukulele school. Their efforts in green solutions range widely as they have fought to make the Poutasi Village a Marine Protected Area, utilize solar power, and retrieve water from a local reservoir located right under the resort, free of chemicals and as fresh as can be. There's so much to love about the initiatives of this resort and the care they take in serving their guests is only matched by the care they take for the planet. My experience in Samoa is synonymous with Sinalei, as I truly thrived in the rich traditions shared with me by the beautiful hosts.


I have relived the memories of this week-long adventure for months, drinking in every last scent of frangipani, every taste of fresh pineapple, every pristine, picturesque ocean view as though I were just there yesterday. And although the idea of a permanent "home" may be nowhere in sight for me anytime soon, with the sound of ukulele, the spirit of alofa comes alive, and I am transported to the Samoan sanctuary in my soul.  

photos: Pip Edwards / insta: @seagypsea_photography


To my fellow bloggers, check out Hashtag Travel Society and become a part of the Passport Posse!

Thank you to Samoa Tourism for sharing with me the heart of Beautiful Samoa xx