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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Zingara // Bahgsu Jewels Lookbook

•  Z I N G A R A  •

Jewels // Bahgsu Jewels

Photo + Video + Edit // Asher Moss

Crowns // Heart of Gold

Style // Free People + Vintage


WOW. My heart just skipped a beat. Like five beats actually. 
Madgi's jewellery has always had a sort of mysticism about it...the stones, each picked by hand, carry a magnified radiance due to her passion for crystals and the abundance of love she pours into each and every piece...But captured by the über talented duo Moss + Meadows, these jewels truly transcend all worldly conventions, making Zingara my new favorite lookbook of 2015. The homage to vintage adorned by our ancestors, the honoring of indigenous symbology and iconology, and the featuring of sacred stones such as sugilite, chryosoprase, and Tibetan turquoise are what make Bahgsu Jewels an iconic label to follow. I am always amazed at how Madgi translates the passion for her new collection into a visual masterpiece, thinking at the release of every new lookbook "This is it! She's nailed it!" only to be shocked a few months later when she manages to create an even newer sense of wonderment. This time around, as I lose myself in the magic of Zingara, I can't help but wonder, "how can she top this?!" I have no idea what to expect...but the one thing I do know -- is that she will.


She is wild, nomadic, free, dancing to the beat of her own heart. This collection is an ode to our ancestral roots. We, the travelers of the earth, journey with an open heart and mind. These jewels are a reminder to inhale deep breaths of freedom & to exhale the boundaries that no longer serve you.
The spirit animal that presented itself during the creation of this collection is the Cobra. This beautiful snake is able to constrict and expand simultaneously. The top of her is strong in her evolution expanding her shape and rising off the earth. The bottom is sturdy, constrictive and strong, rooting to the ground, balanced in her symmetry. This is ZINGARA. She explores the outer world yet holds firm to her inner guidance.

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