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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No One Thing // Auguste the Label

It's been a while since I've had a bit of a blog rant...they're usually my favorite go-to when I feel an issue is worth sharing or if I have something on my mind that just needs to go out to the world. But lately I've been pretty wrapped up with where I'm calling home these days, and that aspect of my life has been all consuming. For the record -- I'm making Australia home base for now and I'm pretty stoked about it.

And as I plant my roots I am finding a whole new path of self discovery unfolding before me. It's the first time I've felt this settled in a long time. I've become accustomed to life on the road (which is in no way ceasing...just slowing down) and often I feel more comfortable living out of a suitcase than a closet. 

With all this stability setting in, I decided last weekend to do what I know best -- with 24 hours notice I grabbed a couple girl friends and headed down the coast for an impromptu surf road trip. I had to pick up a board off a friend and decided to make an adventure out of it. So we headed down to Crescent Head and scored some perfect little peelers. Cloudy skies and all it was a hell of a time, three girls stacked in the back of Jess's station wagon, sleeping side by side like sardines. Waves were shared, burritos made on the car bonnet, laughs spread...it was an epic mini-adventure.

After our first surf of the morning, a nice long one shared with friends out at Big Head, my friend Sasha and I decided to have a play with our gorgeous surroundings. The day was beautiful, not in the tropical blue skies and palm trees kind of way, but in the overcast, water shimmering, reflections glowing, colors bursting kind of way. The way that makes you realize how beautiful the world can be even when it doesn't meet your expectations.  So I chucked on this gorgeous dress I had brought for the ride. Who brings a leopard print maxi dress on a surf road trip?! ME. That's who. And as she snapped some pics while old men gawked from the lineup, I thought...yeah they just don't get me. They probably think I'm a kook, a fashion princess, a girly girl. But I'm not. I just happen to be a girl who loves nothing more than to surf for 3 hours and put on a flowy dress with no makeup and wet hair and dance in the shoreline. And even that doesn't define me, I'm also a musician, a social introvert, a vegetarian, a Creative Director, a Trekky (yep)...there are so many titles or labels that could potentially identify me but the world is just going to have to suffer because they cannot fit me into one, perfectly packaged, box. And it was in that moment that I accepted that I am no one thing, that the world may never get me, and finally...I feel okay with that.

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