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Sunday, February 8, 2015

On The Road Again // driftab Collab

Photos / Carly Brown

Looks provided by driftlab Byron Bay
Hat / Brixton | Kimono + Playsuit / Auguste | Singlet + Shorts / Rollas Jeans

Some of my favorite moments from our NZ kombi surf trip were the post surf hangs. Packing up the boards, cruising to a shady spot under a Pohutukawa tree, cranking tunes, feasting on snacks, lounging and taking in the view ...priceless times. Carly and I were stoked to get to have a play with some driftlab threads during our time in Whangamatta and capture our favorite part of life on the road.

 Big thanks, hugs, and kisses to the King family who offered the space and the warmest of hospitality towards us during this little shoot :)


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