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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sexy As You

photos: Tess Leopold / In Search Of This

Top + Shorts + Swim / First Base | Sandals / Reef | Necklace / Azura Jewellery | Hat / Pendleton

∙♀ How fun is it to be a woman? ♀∙
To have curves that resemble nature's most undulating slopes and plateaus, to be empowered by an allure that is intoxicating, mesmerizing and intriguing, to evoke a spirit of boldness, strength, and ravenous beauty. . .   

On top of our emphasized compassion, heightened sensitivity, and intuitive awareness, we come packaged in all different shapes and sizes of irresistible sexiness. As women, whether we wear the sleekest bikini or a pair of baggie boyfriend shorts and a singlet, the essence of our being remains drenched in allure and wonderment. I find this duality a fun playground of expression, a ping pong game of tomboy vs. girly girl, a playing field with no rules and no chance of being wrong. No matter how you dress us, all women are naturally equipped with the goods to melt hearts. 
Once we realize this, that confidence comes with the less we try and the more comfortable we feel in our own skin, that will be the moment when we will take sexy back from those who feel the need to define it for us.

What makes you feel most sexy? Is it a New Year's Eve dress or a ripped tee and some Batman undies? Whatever it is, the right guy will find you equally sexy in either, so go with what makes YOU feel good. Be true to yourself and you'll never go wrong, you'll always attract the right ones and you'll ALWAYS feel sexy and powerful…without even having to try. 


  1. wow. just wow and beautifully said.
    i just turned 36 (yesterday!) and let's just say i'm just beginning to feel that confidence....

    (sorry, not anonymous on purpose - just don't have a profile name!)

    1. YES! Congrats on 36 trips around the sun :) flaunt it lady xx

    2. thanks so much xx

  2. great shooting!

    Coline ♥


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