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Monday, December 31, 2012


Androgyny// Pushing the boundaries of gender roles is nothing new to the high fashion world, but in the surf fashion world where testosterone runs rampant, there is an evolution occurring. For decades surf brands have presented men with different variations of the same logo slapped tees and rat-a-tat baggies as acceptable protocol. Anything more or different would be "caring too much." But there's a new breed of surf male who does not feel limited by the stereotypes or predispositions set forth by his predecessors. There seems to be a gradual shift in thought from how one "should" portray himself, to expressing himself as he truly is. Style and grace are as synonymous with surfing as they always have been with fashion but not until recently has it become more acceptable for surfers to express it on both platforms. This babystep towards self awareness opens the door for such a more creative world of possibility for the surf fashion industry. And the fact that I would wear every piece of this collection is pretty damn cool. 

Conceptualized and designed by surf culture icon, Alex Knost, the RVCA Holiday 2012 Alex Knost Collection is über-wearable and effortless. Influenced by his passions for a coastal lifestyle, creating music and conceptual art, the collection features a nature-inspired color palette on slim-fitting silhouettes. The collection is supported by inspirational imagery created by Alex and film-maker Jack Coleman on a trip with friends from Newport Beach to San Fran surfing, visiting friends and making music. You can shop the full collection here.

 Leave it to Alex and RVCA to be the pioneers of this movement towards fashion enlightenment. 


Desillusion Magazine announces their latest video "This is Alex", a video portrait that pays tribute to the Californian longboarder/musician and RVCA Advocate, Alex Knost.

A slightly tormented soul, maybe a bit too realistic for this world, although the two obviously go hand in hand, "This is Alex" is a total immersion in his everyday life, a celebration of raw counter culture: to give, understand, learn and influence, without waiting for anything in return, if not to perpetuate a style and a philosophy of life.


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