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Friday, May 30, 2014

Wabi Sabi + Bali Perspective

Wabi Sabi ::: The Japanese Art of Finding Beauty in the Imperfect

It's happening…right now…as I write these words. The constant strive for perfection. The aim for flawless articulation, for accurate grammar and punctuation, for a writing achievement worthy of your time and attention. Sometimes our standards for perfection are so high that it paralyzes us from even attempting something of which we may not succeed. Self acceptance is a lifelong journey, one that is difficult when born with a strong sense of accomplishment. One can always do better, but it's about accepting and believing that your best is always enough. I find it's a constant balancing act of loving where you're at right now in the process, and seeing your own potential and having the tenacity to make your dreams a reality.

Regardless of this constant inner debate I find, as humans, we are consistently captivated by imperfection in an artful sense. Textured walls, worn down doors, visible brush strokes, hand drawn lettering and work with wear… Why do we not have the same level of love and adoration for our personality traits that we do for funky, visual quirks? We deserve to fully embrace the beauty of our own shortcomings as we do the perfectly imperfect inspiration that floods our visuals daily.

I have found Bali to be a place throughout my travels that I approach with a Wabi Sabi point of view.
Crowded, yes. Flawed, of course. But there is a certain spirit that is embodied in the land and is echoed through the people that breathes life and beauty into these imperfections. Scattered offerings, distress of ancient building, breaks in the woven pattern of natural vs. manmade -- 
Let's not only love our imperfections, let's be inspired by them.
As a wise woman once told me... we shall strive for progress, not perfection.


{ All photos and illustrations by Lex Weinstein }


  1. Dear Lex. This post has made me fall in love with so many things. Beautiful journey you are on, and experience you are learning.


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