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Monday, October 22, 2012

▶▶▶ Tallow Gallery



photos: tallowgallery.com

 I love when i am introduced to a brand that i feel just reached inside my heart, pulled out everything I love about life, love and style and then created my ultimate wonderland :) i felt this a year or so ago when my dear friend Lauren Hill introduced me to the workings of two Aussie muses, Ali Mandalis and Shannon Clynes. From swimwear and wetsuits to apparel and accessories, the ladies at Tallow Gallery have effortlessly translated the grace and natural beauty of women's surfing into a vast array of creative expression. Collaborations with artists from all over the world can be seen in their Artist Series Collections and bring even more diversity to this Bohemian smash up of surfing and fashion. Needless to say I am obsessed..these photos are from spring/summer and I am dying to see what they do next.
happy monday everyone xx. 

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