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Monday, February 11, 2013



Dreamy. Thats the only word to describe a Puerto Rico sunset. Every color in the spectrum melting together like a pool of  India Inks. I couldn't help but watch these gorgeous miracles of nature while submerged in the bath warm ocean water...it was just too perfect. People can say what they want about sunsets; they're cheesy, outplayed, over-photographed, over-shared on social media ... but I could not disagree more. There's nothing that makes you feel more present, more alive, more in awe than a stunning setting of the sun. And the craziest part to me is that it happens every single day. Even the sunsets in Florida are absolutely stunning, and I feel I take it for granted on a daily basis. Its a moment worth being still for, a reminder that no matter what craziness life has brought, it will disappear in all its glory with the setting sun and will be renewed the following morning with rise of a new day. Nothing is permanent. Every day is a gift and should be cherished. Its easier to be reminded of this when you're sharing beers with friends in a gorgeous tropical paradise, but I'm making it a point to bask in the light and love that each sunset brings, no matter where I am, or how cloudy, or cold or "metiocre" it may be. I get to be a witness of such outstanding beauty each and every day and for that, I am blessed.

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