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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A LOVEleigh Afternoon

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This blog post is such a special one to me.
Not just because I got to have a play with the beautiful Miss Carly Brown on a beautiful day in Byron Bay...
Not because spring is coming so close I can taste it...
Not even because I got to rock my gorgeous new Lack of Color Montana Midnight Muse

But because I am blogging my first ETHICAL FASHION label made right here in Byron Bay -- Loveleigh Designs.
The story behind LOVEleigh Designs is as beautiful as the pieces in the collection. Creator Morgan Leigh is a barefooted drifter who has managed to fuse an unlikely pairing of lust for fashion with her background in Human Rights. The goal of LOVEleigh Designs is to promote Human Rights on a global scale, and show that something as seemingly unrelated as fashion, can make a difference. While Morgan is usually off traveling the world, or working on a job in a remote land, she is constantly searching through towns, villages and markets for fabrics, inspiration, and most importantly, people with a story.

Morgan makes each piece by hand, with fabric she has sourced from far away lands such as Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mexico and more. Often sourcing silks, georgettes, chiffons and crochets, many of which are limited edition prints and patterns, she takes the proceeds of her sales and gives back to those from which she has sourced her materials.  

"This upcoming September I am moving to Mexico to start some research for the next phase of LOVEleigh Designs: a women's collective. I am hoping to start a collective of homeless women, helping to get them off the street and teach them how to sew. I am also aiming to help them find affordable housing, and get all of the children in school. Fingers Crossed!"

Morgan inspires me in both her design aesthetic and her social entrepreneurship, and my dream, as is hers, is to see mainstream companies follow suit to brands like LOVEleigh. Take a peak at the short vid telling Morgan's story, and follow her journey through her social media channels. And know, when you buy a kimono or a dress from LOVEleigh, you are helping provide education, housing, or jobs for a family in need.

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