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Monday, April 22, 2013

Life is But A Dream // Tahiti, Tiares and a Reef Photo Shoot


What a dream..

I am blessed in many ways, but especially in the sense that I have had the ability to travel quite a bit. Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, just to name a few. Its an exciting feeling, planning a trip and looking forward to all that that destination has to offer.
But what if the major details of your travels remained unknown -- what if you only knew that you were going on a trip and the dates of said trip..but what if the destination was undecided until right before the journey began? No time to make plans or set expectations, only time to pack and go. I've never been in this situation until recently, when I found out the destination of the Reef Women's Spring 2014 shoot I'd be assisting in styling was in Tahiti, with only about 3 weeks notice. Tahiti! A place I never envisioned visiting in this lifetime. Having never expected the trip to be so extravagant, I knew what I had to do. I quit my corporate job, sold or gave away anything that wouldn't fit in my car, and set off on a journey in search of global immersion and creative inspiration. After all, it's not every day you get a free plane ticket half way around the world.

Tahiti was amazing..from the second I landed I knew I was about to be working with one of the most incredible backdrops on the planet. It was a constant adventure, whether it was driving around scouting for locations, hitting up markets for a taste of local lifestyle, or styling the girls in crystal clear blue water with coral reef as alive and lush as I'd ever seen. It was a true experience with such an amazing production crew, it felt great to be a part of it all and I learned so much. Staying at Raimana's was a dream in itself, taking boats to the most perfect spots or paddling out on an 8-man raft..whatever we did it was Raimana's call and it was always a good one.

This is the first of a series of posts about Tahiti, it was such an incredible experience I couldn't fit it all in one post! Coming up: lots more photos, interviews with the athletes, and hopefully a video as well. Keep checking back, I'm also documenting all my travels through Bali, Australia, New Zealand and more! Xx

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  1. Yewwww! What beautiful pictures Lex! I am so incredibly proud of you and so excited to read about more about your adventures! I miss you dearly but I know free spirits must soar. XOXO

  2. SO exciting! Did you land the styling gig just from your blog?!! Sooooo exciting, good for you !!! Cant wait to see all the pics. I love your style! Looking forward to your posts xoxoxo

  3. What an exciting opportunity! I know how you feel about Tahiti. I was there 2 years ago and the beautiful backdrops still seem like a dream to me. It'll haunt you forever! But in a good way, of course :-)


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